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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I make a purchase using Zip?

Zip is a payment plan that allows you to pay for your purchase. Zip empowers you to buy now, pay over time and avoid interest repayments.

  1. Choose Zip as your payment method at checkout for orders over $35. No long forms or credit checks required, just instant approval.
  2. Checkout using a credit card. The first 25% of your order total is charged at the time of purchase.
  3. Pay the rest in equal installments billed automatically over 6 weeks. These are no late fees if paid on time.

Can I subscribe to products?

Users will be able to select the subscription between 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months period of time and get up to 15% off during the length of the subscription, only for selected products (shampoos and conditioners). Orders will be placed automatically and renew in the period of time they select and the customer will be change to the same payment option in their accounts.

How can I cancel my subscription?

After the second order customers will be able to cancel the subscription but they will not be able to re-join to the same subscription, unless they select another product.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

No, we do not ship outside of the U.S., however, if you would like to find a distributor near you, please email infoweb@farouk.com. Also visit https://chi.com/shipping/ for more info.

How can I track my order?

No, we do not ship outside of the U.S., however, if you would like to find a distributor near you, please email infoweb@farouk.com. Also visit https://chi.com/shipping/ for more info.

How can I change my shipping address?

In order to make changes to your shipping address, please contact customer service at 1-800-237-9175. Please be advised that if the order has been shipped, we are not able to make changes.

What happens if there is a delivery error? (damaged/lost package)

If there is a problem with your package, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-237-9175 for resolution.

To protect your order against loss, theft or damage that occurred during shipping, add Route+ package protection at checkout. When you add Route+ at checkout, you can easily file claims for lost, stolen or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that they arise. When you file a claim, it will be reviewed for approval for a reorder or refund within 24 hours. 

Who can I contact for a return or an exchange?

If you are not fully satisfied with your online purchase, you have fifteen (15) days from the date of purchase to return your product for a refund by contacting FSI’s Customer Service Department: 281-876-2000 | 800-237-9175.

My CHI tool stopped working. Who can I contact?

Please contact customer service for any product malfunctions through email at infoweb@farouk.com or direct phone: 281-876-2000 | 800-237-9175.

Is there a special discount for stylists?

For all stylist inquiries, please email infoweb@farouk.com or call direct phone 281-876-2000| 800-237-2000.

What do you mean by points? How do I earn them? How do I redeem them?

When you register on our website, you can accumulate points with every purchase made. Every 100 points equals $5 off your next purchase. You redeem the points at the checkout section when placing your next purchase.

Can we get free samples?

We do not offer samples.

Does my shipping address have to match the billing address?

No, however, we will contact you via phone or email to confirm that the billing and shipping are different. Please be advised that your order is placed on hold until you make confirmation.

Can I cancel or change my order?

We’ve got you covered. Need to modify your chi.com order? Changed your mind and want to cancel it? You can simply cancel your order within approximately 30 minutes* of the time you placed it and create a new order with all of the changes you need to make.

*The 30-minute grace period doesn’t apply to orders with Buy Online, Same Day Delivery orders.

CHI Tools

What is the difference between the CHI Lava Spin N Curl and the CHI Spin N Curl?

The main difference between the CHI Lava Spin N Curl and the CHI Spin N Curl is the CHI Lava is infused with lava minerals that allows for more consistent heat and for the hair to be styled at a lower temperature, whereas the CHI Spin N Curl is made with our Ceramic Technology.

Does the Spin N Curl come in different sizes?

No, it only comes in the 1” rotating barrel.

What is the best lightweight dryer?

The CHI Nano Hair Dryer is lightweight, weighing less than a pound but still has a powerful 1875W DC Motor.

What is the benefit of the Lava technology?

Lava technology allows you to style the hair at lower temperatures, adds extra shine, and has a more consistent heat.

Is my product dual voltage?

Dual voltage varies product to product but typically will say on the box.

How can I use my CHI tool if is dual voltage?

If the flat iron or blow dryer is dual voltage you just only need a plug adapter. No need of a converter.

Do all CHI products have auto-shut off?

No, it varies product to product.

What is the best flat iron for thick hair?

All of our flat irons are great for all hair types and textures but my personal favorite is our CHI Lava Flat Iron.

Do you sell blow dryer attachments?

To purchase parts, please email infoweb@farouk.com or call direct phone: 281-876-2000| 800-237-2000.

CHI Wetline

What are the best products for color-treated hair?

All of our products are formulated and safe for color-treated hair.

How do I purchase the CHI Enviro?

To purchase professional products such as CHI Enviro, CHI Transformation System, or any CHI color, please contact customer service through email at infoweb@farouk.com or direct phone: 281-876-2000 | 800-237-9175.

What are the steps for CHI Transformation System?

View the CHI Transformation System manual.